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At Language Biscuit we understand that classroom-based learning isn't for everyone. One of our main goals is to introduce not only different, but also innovative teaching methods.

For us, it is important that you enjoy the learning process, as we know that it takes less effort to learn something you really enjoy doing.

We've got several packages on offer, and we're constantly looking to expand into new areas of language learning.

We're always open to ideas, so if you have any suggestions, send us a mail at and we'll do our best to provide you with a teacher and learning plan that fit your needs.

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Do you prefer learning while having a teacher next to you physically? Fear not, we also offer regular 1-2-1 classes in a location of your choosing.

Check out our offers here.

Learn a language whilst cooking

Students: 1 - 3

Price: 70€ per session

Duration: 2-hour sessions

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Are you an aspiring gourmet, looking to broaden your language and culinary skills?
Perhaps you'd like to impress your friends with ethnic cooking? Or give someone interested in cooking a different gift?

Whatever your reason, at Language Biscuit we have teachers with other skillsets than just languages.

You tell us when you'd like to have your course, and we'll send a teacher with groceries and learning material to your doorstep!

Learn to play an instrument and speak a language

Students: 1

Price: 30€ per hour

Duration: 1-2 hour sessions

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Music and language are connected on so many levels. Several studies have shown that music can increase your memory and language skills.
Why not combine the two?

We currently offer guitar and drum lessons, and we'll shortly add more instruments to our selection. Courses vary from a single lesson to as many hours as you like. On top of that, we give you the freedom to decide where you would like to learn, or we can even find an appropriate "jam" studio for you.

Learn a language whilst hiking

Students: 3 - 10

Price: 25€

Duration: Day-long trip

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Do you love being outdoors? We do too! Want to join us on our next hiking trip?

We'll prepare interesting reading material for the road and different topics of conversation for the hike, all in the language you are learning.



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